Sparsley touched tech puzzles

⛰️ | 2022-10-03

Tech is seeing some serious development, it's hard yet surreal. I have tried following stuff over the years and somethings got me excited.

Session backends

Imagine having a computer in cloud, a freaking powerful computer that you can turn on/off ay any instant. A computer with TBs of ram, atleat 1000k vCPU, TBs of graphic memory.

If any application had this much power, thing won't be same anymore and the world wouldn't be same anymore.

We will not care about technological limitations, companies will have to innovate more. Everyone would have access to same core of technology.

Full stack devtools

The last 20years of web focused on robustness, the next decade will be around enhacing the UX and DX. The libraries will start to couple tightly with infra.

It will be harder to build tools but it'll also provide lot of oppurtunities for startupss

Better open source tools

Till now design and UX of most open source project has been meh. Design hasn't been main focus in open source.

The next open source will be built on the learning of former with better product and design approach. And we have already started seeing tools like Supabase, Crusher :P, etc.

Real edge compute

Till this point, we haven't faced much problem with latency. But as our computer moves farther from us, then this can become big issue.

Anything more than >2-5ms round trip time will be a dealbreaker. We might have a future where every city has data center as infra. It is wild to imagine it. I'm expecting lot of improvement in congestion control.

ML models

Tools like GPT, Dale, Midjourney has built something unimaginable. We have finally hit a saturation level where AIs are better than human.

It's wild, there are more models to built around differeny use case. Maybe everyone of has fine tuned model according to our needs.