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Setup terminal to be fast and charming

💻 | 2022-10-03

I like to ramp up my workflows sometime, this time let's do it for terminal.

Goal:- Should be simple to setup. Is fast and beautfiul.


Shell - Zsh

  • Alternative options
    • I hate fish, configuring environment variable is tough. It isn't POSIX compilant.
    • Love nushell, but warp is incompaitable with it. Logs are pretty clean.
  • Zsh is quite good, oh my zsh makes it quite good. We probably don't need it right now.
  • Bash is meh but good for docker and remote machine as scripts will work.

Terminal -

  • Fast rust based terminal.
    • Use alacritty on linux or remote machine.
    • Warp is slightly faster than alacritty Benchmark
  • Love alias management, themes, etc.
  • AI suggestions are magical. Love the use of codex.
  • Workflow support and suggestion for popular packages.
  • Use custom theme gist & hack-nerd font.

Note :- Install my ohmyzsh when using linux

Custom prompt manager - Starship

  • Custom prompt for all the shells. Works well with warp.
  • Custom config : gist

Final result

A super fast, beautiful package.